Super Dungeon Maker – How to Make Dungeons

Once you've decided to create your own dungeon, you'll need to know how to navigate around the User Interface (UI). From inside the dungeon designer, you'll be able to select different editing options. The designer is comprised of two made 'modes'. First is the Paint mode where you control the floors and walls of the dungeon. Then there's the Build mode itself where you place Doors, Puzzle Elements, Decor, Treasure, and Enemies.

Super Dungeon Maker – Game Review

Super Dungeon Maker is a wonderfully cozy, creative, and nostalgically fun 2D dungeon designing game developed by Firechicks, a team of two talented developers with a passion for gameplay and creativity inspired by the Legend of Zelda.

UA 2: Expert Classes

The second Unearthed Arcana, Expert Classes, has released and the feedback submission deadline has been extended out till Nov. 10th! They've released well over an hour of content on Youtube detailing the UA but as always, below you'll find a high level overview of what you can find in this update. With last month's free... Continue Reading →

Free UA 1 Character Sheet!

D&D Beyond has extended the deadline to submit your feedback for UA 1: Character Origins by two weeks to Sept. 26. In celebration, we've hand crafted a character using the new character building rules and one of the new races to make a spell heavy Ardling Ranger. So if you're still wanting to playtest some of the options, you can download this pre-built character sheet to playtest in your games!

UA 1: Character Origins

In our first Unearthed Arcana for the One D&D rules system, we dive into material designed for the Player’s Handbook coming out in 2024. The playtest document presents character creation rules, including options for races, backgrounds, and feats. You will also find a glossary of new or revised meanings for game terms. ~ D&D Beyond... Continue Reading →

What is Unearthed Arcana?

Image: Provided by Dungeons & Dragons Press Assets Way back in the 1980s, Dungeons & Dragons' original publisher TSR published a supplemental hardback book to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons called Unearthed Arcana. It expanded on those rules with new races, classes, and other optional rules. Jump forward to 2004 and D&D's current publisher, Wizards of... Continue Reading →

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