New Series: A Parent’s Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve had many conversations with parents who’s children are wanting to get into Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) but the parents are just lost on how to evaluate the game or what their next steps should be. So I thought it would be helpful to start a new recurring series on introducing parents to the world of D&D to help them understand why the game is such a wonderful fit and how they can support their child’s interest in the game itself. I’ll also be hosting Seminars on StartPlaying to introduce the world of D&D to parents and answer all their questions.

Topics in New Series

  • What is D&D?
  • Is It Safe?
  • What Are the Benefits?
  • How to Learn the Rules
  • How to Get Involved in the Community
  • Holiday or Birthday Gift Guide!

Custom Seminar

For those parents that want a deeper dive into D&D and have their specific questions addressed, I’m also offering a custom Seminar on the subject through StartPlaying. On the seminar page you can select ‘Request different time’ to request a a day and time that fits your schedule. If you’ve never used StartPlaying, be sure to use this link to get a free $10 credit on us!

So What Is Dungeons & Dragons?

What that’s all for today’s post, here’s a great intro to D&D from Vox that should give you a nice preview of what the game is all about. Check back soon for more posts in this series!

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