UA 2: Expert Classes

The second Unearthed Arcana, Expert Classes, has released and the feedback submission deadline has been extended out till Nov. 10th!

They’ve released well over an hour of content on Youtube detailing the UA but as always, below you’ll find a high level overview of what you can find in this update. With last month’s free character sheet being such a big hit, I’ve created a new character sheet for the beefed up Ranger shown in this UA. Shout out to Hobbleshot, a player in my ongoing D&D campaign who allowed me to base this free character sheet off the character he created for the campaign I’m currently running. Hobbleshot created Vhandr, a Ranger Hunter, and I’ve just upgraded Vhandr with the new character options in this UA. You can download the actual PDF at D&D Beyond where you can also submit your feedback.

Title: Expert Classes
Released: Sep. 29th, 2022
Written By: Jeremy Crawford, with Christopher Perkins and Ray Winninger (presumed)

Pages: 37
# of Sections: 8
Feedback Deadline: Nov. 10th, 2022


  • Class Groups – the 12 base Classes have been grouped into four major Class Groups; Experts, Mages, Priests, Warriors. The Groups don’t have specific rules but are used for better organization (similar to the new Spell Groups introduced in UA 1) and references in things like Feat prerequisites.
  • Class Updates – The three Expert Classes (Bards, Rangers, and Rouges) have been given updated rules and features. The changes range from mild (all three gaining Expertise) to major updates like the Ranger’s ‘Hunter’s Mark’ spell no longer requring concentration, always being prepared (not counting against your prepared spells) and getting a boost from a 6th Level Hunter by being able to find out any creature’s Immunities, Resistances, or Vulnerabilities.
  • Top Tier Features – Features normally gained at 20th level are now granted at 18th level so that Epic Boons can be achieved at 20th level and beyond.
  • Light Weapon Property – The light weapon property has been updated so that attacking with a second light weapon in your other hand no longer requires a Bonus Action but can now be done as part of the same Attack Action. (This may not sound like much but when dealing with action economy for Rangers with Multiattack or Rouges with Cunning Action, it can make or break a fight.)

What do you think of the new changes?

The New And Improved Ranger

Below is a character sheet using the new Ranger rules and features. Feel free to download the sheet to playtest with, just be sure to give your feedback to D&D Beyond!

UA 2 Videos

A playlist of all 5 videos released for Unearthed Arcana: Expert Classes

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