Think of Quills & Quests like a tavern where adventurers gather from all over the land; warriors that recount their battles with great villains, scribes that record their tales, and bards that retell them in even more dramatic fashion!

For Your Secondary World

We primarily focus on Tabletop RPGs, creating adventures that you can find on sites like DriveThru RPG or Roll20. We review digital and physical tools to help improve your gaming experience as well as provide resources for new players or game masters to help them get into their game worlds easily.

For Your Primary World

Playing a hero is fun and all, but we want you to know you can be a hero in your real life. Not only do we provide an academic look at the study of heroism as a whole, we also do book and tool reviews on the resources we feel help make your life more heroic. We hope to help you be successful on your journey, even if that journey leads you on the Path of Recovery.

The Tavern

For the explorers out there that like to discover things on their own, you can visit the The Tavern itself and see what each room has to offer. For those that enjoy a more traditional website experience, you can use the navigation menu at the top to find the items you’re looking for.

Tower of Tomes

This library contains various writings and studies as well as a collection of our published adventures for tabletop RPGs.

Questers Quarters

“Rooms for those that plan to stay a while and want to stay up to date on all the Q&Q news.” Read news and get a digital map of the tavern to use in your own game!

Adventurers Academy

“A training ground for warriors to sharpen each other’s skills and for others to carefully observe their craft.” Here we provide research and training on what exactly makes a hero, heroic.

Performers Plaza

“An amphitheater for visiting story tellers to show off their creativity.” Guest writers and game masters can get their content posted here.

Heroes Hall

“The main eating hall where all can gather to eat, drink, and share their stories. The walls here are lined with tapestries and statues of legendary heroes that came before.”

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