Adventurers Academy

Here we will post deep dives into specific heroes or tools that can provide guidiance on how to make your own journey more heroic. Heroes of legend, history, or modern day can indeed inspire noble actions in our real lives but you don’t need super-powers or a costume to act heroic in your own life.

The Order of Gamers

One of the most obvious manifestations of being more heroic in your life is taking the lessons you learn and taking them into your own gaming experiences. Whether you’re gaming at a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS), around a table at a friend’s house, or competing online with strangers you can fight toxic behavior by living out the values of a heroic gamer and join our Order of Gamers.

Your Adventure-Belt

Wizards have their Bag of Holding, Link has his adventure pouches, Hermione has her enchanted handbag, Ramona Flowers has her hammerspace, Batman has his utility belt, and Iron Man has his, well his whole armor. Like any good quartermaster, we’ll provide spotlights on different tools and resources that you can add to your own proverbial adventure-belts that can assist you on your Primary or Secondary adventures!

Check back for our reviews of the following tools:

Heroic Training

Part of being heroic is ‘feeling’ heroic. And any good hero knows that the best way to always be prepared to fight evil-doers is staying healthy! We’ll provide some trainings on how to stay healthy for whatever kind of adventure you’re on. Just keep in mind, good health isn’t just about staying physically active, because your mental, emotional, and spiritual well being are very important too!

Check back for our reviews of the following trainings:

Physical Health

This is not about looking a certain way or fitting into certain size clothes. Good physical health is measured by far more than your daily quality of life than it is by measurable numbers. Your ability focus, energy, motivation, and overall mood are tied to how you treat your body. Getting daily movement, eating foods give you energy instead of take it away, and getting regular sleep all have major impacts on how your able to follow the journey you’ve set out for yourself. We know that for those that like reading books or playing games more than joining in team sports, in can be hard to get motivation for staying physically healthy. So we will cover tools like Nintendo Switch’s ‘Ring Fit Adventure‘ that helps guide you down that path with a more enticing adventure hook!

Mental Health

This has been a topic much less talked about and thankfully has been getting better traction in recent years but still has a long way to go. We know that not everyone experiences life differently and we want to bring awareness as well as understanding for neurodiversity. Not only that but we also want to raise awareness for the prevalence of mental health illness and disorders. In 2020, The National Institute of Mental Health claimed that over 50 million adults deal with mental health illness just within the United States alone. Combine that with the many more that deal with depression or anxiety disorders and the need for open conversations about these topics becomes clear. If you’re struggling, know there is a Path to Recovery!

Emotional Health

No matter where you are in your journey, you don’t need to travel on those roads by yourself. Having close friends that you can trust to lean on during the hard times, help you out of sticky situations, or just provide some companionship. Having emotionally healthy relationships in your life is extremely important to success and overall wellbeing. Knowing how to build friendships, find community, and also know the warning signs of unhealthy relationships are all important skills that we hope to foster here.

Spiritual Training

We all need something to believe in, a higher purpose, or a greater calling. We have values that guide us and help us strive to be better versions of ourselves. This is our deepest self that acts as the light house guiding all our greatest decisions in life. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs lists this self-actualization, or ‘transcendence’, as the highest point of human motivation. Whether it’s through meditation, reading self help books, or attending the religious service of your choice, you can discover what lights your path when darkness begins to set in around you.

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