Free UA 1 Character Sheet!

D&D Beyond has extended the deadline to submit your feedback for UA 1: Character Origins by two weeks to Sept. 26. In celebration, we’ve hand crafted a character using the new character building rules and one of the new races to make a spell heavy Ardling Ranger. So if you’re still wanting to playtest some of the options presented in UA 1, you can download this pre-built character sheet to playtest in your games.

We wanted to make something a little unique. Ranger’s usually have very few spells but we wanted to beef up their options so we carefully selected options that would allow this Ranger to have cantrips and 1st level spells from all three of the new Spell Lists (Arcane, Divine, Primal). Essentially this grants access to Wizard, Warlock, Sorcerer, Paladin, Cleric, and Druid spell lists in addition to their own Ranger spells!

We hope you enjoy!

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