Dungeons & Dragons is leveling-up with ‘One D&D’!

During the Wizards of the Coast first Wizards Presents presentation on August 18th, 2022, they made some major announcements for the future of Dungeons & Dragons (see more below) which will largely arrive in 2024. After the presentation, Wizards released a handful of other videos and documents to supplement the massive updates. With more than one of these presentations lasting over an hour we’ve put together the highlights for fans of D&D who just want to get to the parts that interest them, so they know what to expect over the next few years, and how they can be apart of D&D’s leveling up!

Be sure to check out our One D&D News landing page and check back for updates as they come in!

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The Current State of D&D

Dungeons & Dragons is currently in it’s 5th edition (5e for short) and speculation about when and how the next edition would appear has been going on for quite some time (If you’re not sure what the different editions mean or if you’re curious about the history of D&D’s editions in general, check out our post *here*). Typically each edition hits the reset button on the rules and essentially makes the previous editions obsolete for all published adventures and sources books moving forward.

Now however, it seems D&D wants to stop making ‘new’ editions and use the current 5e rules as a foundation to being shaping are better and more accessible experience. So instead they have decided that in 2024 they will release what their calling ‘One D&D’.

What is One D&D?

 “The evolution of fifth edition has shown us it’s less important to create new editions of the game and more important to grow and expand the game you love with each new product.”

D&D Beyond
  1. ‘One D&D’ is the codename for the future of Dungeons & Dragons and incorporates three main pillars of focus:
    • Published *Rule Sets* via revised and new Adventures and Sourcebooks
    • The *D&D Beyond* website
    • A new in-house virtual tabletop codenamed *D&D Digital*
      (click on each pillar to learn more about them)
  2. Over the next year and a half, new playtesting material (in the form of Unearthed Arcana) will be released roughly monthly for players to test and submit feedback, all through D&D Beyond
  3. A new ‘One D&D’ compendium section will be added to the Sources section of D&D Beyond
  4. Player feedback will directly influence the course of ‘ONE D&D’ materials published in 2024, notably including reprints of the three core rule books; the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual (adding many more options and rearranging the structure in a way that’s more accessible for new players and Dungeon Masters)
  5. Keeping 5e as the foundation for ‘One D&D’ means that “All Adventures and supplements that have been released in the past ten years will still be playable with the new evolution of D&D and Sourcebooks released over the last

“The sort of change you’re going to see isn’t about taking anything away from you, it isn’t about changing any of that stuff that you love, it’s much more about giving you more!”

– One D&D World Reveal Trailer (@ 1:43)

How you can get involved!

As mentioned already, D&D will be released approximately monthly updates in the form of Unearthed Arcana (UA) for free that you can playtest and submit feedback on. Over at our One D&D News landing page, you’ll find links on where to find the UA, how to playtest, submit feedback, and deeper dives into each UA as it comes out. Check back for updates as they come in!

UA 2: Expert Classes

The second Unearthed Arcana, Expert Classes, has released and the feedback submission deadline has been extended out till Nov. 10th! They’ve released well over an hour of content on Youtube detailing the UA but as always, below you’ll find a high level overview of what you can find in this update. With last month’s free…

Keep reading

Free UA 1 Character Sheet!

D&D Beyond has extended the deadline to submit your feedback for UA 1: Character Origins by two weeks to Sept. 26. In celebration, we’ve hand crafted a character using the new character building rules and one of the new races to make a spell heavy Ardling Ranger. So if you’re still wanting to playtest some…

Keep reading

UA 1: Character Origins

In our first Unearthed Arcana for the One D&D rules system, we dive into material designed for the Player’s Handbook coming out in 2024. The playtest document presents character creation rules, including options for races, backgrounds, and feats. You will also find a glossary of new or revised meanings for game terms. ~ D&D Beyond…

Keep reading

So what else was announced?

The future of D&D
The book release schedule for D&D in 2023
Dragonlance returns!
Cover art for The Legend of Drizzt Visual Dictonary by Michael Witwer
Celebrating 35 years of Drizzt

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