The Order of Gamers

Chivalry is not dead, at least it shouldn’t be. Chivalry should most especially still exist in a hobby where people play heroes trying to save the world around them. One of the most obvious manifestations of being more heroic in your life is taking the lessons you learn and taking them into your own gaming experiences. Whether you’re gaming at a ‘Friendly Local Game Store’ (FLGS), around a table at a friend’s house, or competing online with strangers, you can fight toxic behavior by living out the values of a heroic gamer and join our Order of Gamers.

“What man is a man who does not make the world better?”

– Balian (Kingdom of Heaven, 20th Century Fox, 2005)

While we love the gaming community, there are times that we see entitlement, toxicity, division, sexism, and other harmful actions and attitudes crop up. Whether it’s in the comments section, on social media, or even in FLGS, this ugliness crops up more than it needs to. We feel the gaming community should strive to do better and be better examples of the ‘heroism’ we so often play out in the games we enjoy.

Other Players

Companies or Developers

After the release of Version 10 for their software, the Foundry VTT developers updated their Discord with the below message. I can only imagine it was in direct response to some ‘squeaky wheels’ but I feel it’s so wonderfully written, being easily applied to any development team, even the ones who are full time.

For the broader user community, please remember that developers are people just like you- they have work, and families, lives and obligations beyond the volunteer time they contribute to creating and maintaining free packages. They know, as you do, that Version 10 is available. While we understand you’re enthusiastic and eager to see your favorite systems and modules in Version 10, we all benefit from a bit of understanding and patience and just because a module or system isn’t ready yet doesn’t mean it never will be. Similarly, the game you were running last week in Version 9 with your module configuration set up exactly the way you enjoyed doesn’t cease to exist just because Version 10 is available– Version 10 will still be here when the modules and systems you enjoy are updated.

Be kind and love each other. We all work together to make this community great. ❤️

~ Foundry VTT Discord

Want to work to be a better, more heroic, gamers? Give a thumbs up below if you feel it’s important to uphold things like; patience, kindness, respect, honesty, helping others, equality (for neurodivergent, minorities, LGBTQ+, foreigners) and also important to fight; toxicity, division, entitlement, cheating, or discrimination.

Check back soon to learn more about how you can be more heroic in your gaming communities!

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