Quills & Quests is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness, exploring heroism as a means of self-improvement, advocating for responsible and inclusive gaming, and fostering creativity. I feel that exploring the fantasy of Secondary Worlds is the perfect place to help us navigate through our own emotional responses to the difficulties of life. I strive to highlight the tools, resources, individuals that I feel make improvements in these areas, empowering others to succeed in their personal journeys and gaming experiences. As such, we do reviews for independent writers, artists, or game developers (including board game, video games, and TTRPGs) that we feel align with our own goals.

Below you’ll see the reviews that we’ve made so far. If you would like to have your creative project reviewed by Quills & Quests, contact us at for consideration.

Super Dungeon Maker – Game Review

Super Dungeon Maker is a wonderfully cozy, creative, and nostalgically fun 2D dungeon designing game developed by Firechicks, a team of two talented developers with a passion for gameplay and creativity inspired by the Legend of Zelda.

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